Sue & Dan Worthington Present the 3rd in the Social Media Challenge Series:

The Google Plus Challenge!

This 10 Day FREE Challenge Will Increase Your Knowledge Of The Social Network, Google Plus!  You Will Learn How To Increase Your Online Visibility With Daily Video Tips, And Tasks To Implement.  Plus! Receive Instant Access To Our Thriving Google Plus Community!

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I will be honest, when I started the 30 day Fan Page Challenge, I hadn’t even thought about growing my fan page.  I had mostly friends and family as my followers, and I had spent the majority of my marketing efforts in growing a Twitter & Pinterest following.  A business associate of mine had sent me a link to join in the challenge, and I thought why not. Boy, am I glad that I did!  This challenge had a fun video that you watched everyday, and then we were assigned daily tasks.  The best part is that if you needed further guidance, the Fan Page Challenge group was there to help at anytime.  Sue Worthington teaches everything you need to know to grow your fan page from beginning to end.  The challenge is user friendly, with clear instructions, and effective. I should know, because at the end of the challenge I was the third place winner and gained over 200 followers in 30 days! Brandi Hegerty, Super Girl Savings
5 stars all round! I loved the way you got a task each day… some days I got behind but as the tasks were straightforward and not hugely time-consuming I was able to catch up and move on. My fanpage really advanced by leaps and bounds! Thanks very much, Sue Jennifer Taylor, Taylor Made Online Success
Probably the most comprehensive training on how to set up a facebook presence for your business. Sue’s guidance is straightforward, newbie friendly and also has plenty in there for those who think they know Facebook! The community around the challenge were supportive and fun to connect with. Great vibe, and daily helpful tips. Great links to truly useful resources (not cluttered with tacky affiliate links). Sue is a fab teacher and an ethical marketer. I now have clients asking me to set up their fan pages! Sarah Vitale, Savvy Publishing
I give Sue’s Fan Page Challenge 5 stars. The daily tasks were easy to implement. It really gave my page the boost that it needed. My likes more than doubled. Best of all I was able to meet and connect with so many like minded and wonderful people. Tony Hill, Landscape Development
Thanks again Sue for instilling in us the right habits. My Facebook Page only had 40 likes at the start of the ‘Fan Page Challenge’ – It now has 1236 likes without any paid advertising. I have learnt about the need to post at least three times a day, and I’m using to schedule my posts. The greatest benefit I got from the challenge is, I believe, the friendships which have been formed, and engagement skills: commenting on and sharing one another’s posts, and even helping one another when necessary. I wish all members all the best in their business and personal life. Let’s keep in touch. Thanks again! Bernard Loo, Free Blockbuster Reviews
I am so glad I joined this challenge. It lasted for 30 days, with Sue providing a daily tutorial video followed by the day’s tasks. I liked the fact that Sue did not assume any prior knowledge, so the challenge was suitable for beginners but also provided plenty of useful tips for more experienced users of fan pages. The huge extra bonus of taking part in the challenge was the interaction between group members. The atmosphere set by Sue was friendly, helpful and positive. People with more experience and knowledge happily shared these so there was always a helpful answer to any queries, whether related to fanpages or other aspects of online business. At the beginning of the challenge, my page was just a bare skeleton. Now it has some flesh-I just need to keep feeding it to keep it growing! Thank you Sue for getting me started. Abbas Baba, Abbas & Judy Baba Online