Why You Should BackUp Your WordPress Blog – Part 1

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What Could Happen If someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?

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I don’t want to scare you but I want you to be aware of the reasons why you should backup your WordPress blog, and even better protect it against someone getting access to the site.

Someone getting into your WordPress blog can delete anything that is there, can replace it with something else, redirect it and in fact access every single file in that WordPress site, and sometimes even other websites on the same server. That is why it’s really important to keep people out and backup your site just in case something goes wrong.

Something that is very easy to do if someone gets into your WordPress blog is delete it.

There is in fact a plugin called Bulk Delete that can delete all plugins within that blog, kind of a scary thought.

But if you keep your blog backed up, then no one can really hurt you, even if you just use something once per month or once per week.

Let’s say in the worst case you back up your site on a Monday, and someone gets into your site and deletes it on a Friday, at least you have only lost the past five days of work. You haven’t lost the past two years, or maybe more.

What is even scarier is that someone who gets into your WordPress site might replace it with something else. Activist groups have in fact used hackers to gain entrance to poorly protected WordPress sites, and replace it with their own images and content.

What also might happen is someone might set up your site to redirect to a new site, or display ads. And even worse, if your site gets flagged as an attack site, as a problem site then other people will not be able to see it.

That is something that might happen, is if you load your WordPress site and it seems to be redirecting to some far off place on the internet, it might have been hacked and you should investigate that.

One of the scariest things about someone getting into your WordPress site is that they will probably be able to get access to all files in your site using the using the file manager plugin in WordPress. And even if you don’t have this file plugin installed, they can easily install it from the WordPress dashboard. And depending on how your server is configured, they might be able to see every single website and account on that server. Kind of a scary thought.

If someone gets into your WordPress blog, it’s not just about them changing content or redirecting to a new place, they now can see all your files, all your blogs, all your videos, all of your information. And all this is a reason for you to lock down WordPress securely.

Use a hard to guess password and be very careful about where you log into your blog from. And above all, backup your site, so just in case the worst happens you are still protected and you can still get your stuff back.

There are two different types of backup tools.

First, there are “comprehensive” backup services designed specifically for WordPress sites.  These require some kind of payment – either a one-time license or a small monthly fee.  The advantage of the paid backup services is that they tend to be more comprehensive, more secure, and usually offer support via email – critical if you’re a non-techie.

Then there are free plugins that you install with your WordPress installation. However, if you have questions or need support you probably will find yourself searching through online forums for answers, or paying an hourly rate to a tech person to help you with the plugin.

In addition by using regular free WordPress plugins you do need to make sure you back up both the database and the themes and files , and you may need more than one plugin to achieve all this

The plugin I use is a paid plugin, but is at a really good price. Some of the paid plugins are really quite expensive or require a monthly payment.

The Backup Creator does everything you need for just $7 for use on 5 personal sites.

Take a look at this 5 minute video which explains how it works….

If you prefer to automate the backup process – by that I mean set it to back up at a regular interval you can go for the ‘ultimate version’ which allows you to set up how often you want to back up and emails a copy of the backup to you – that version costs $47 for an unlimited number of sites.

For a longer training about backing up and restoring your sites you can sign up for a webinar HERE

So don’t take any more risks with your precious content – backup your WordPress blog so you can get your stuff back later at
The Backup Creator Express   OR The Backup Creator Ultimate

Do you backup your site regularly – or do you just hope that it will be safe – or maybe you simply don’t know how to go about it?

Let me know in the comments below

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Sue Worthington

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Wow, you’re a lean, mean blogging machine! I just commented on your blog, and then the next second, you have a brand new post.
    Quite an important post, at that.
    Backing up your site is an essential practice. I’ve had my blog hacked a few times already. Thank goodness my hosting company had a backup, because I didn’t.
    I’m now in the practice of backing up mu site.
    Better late than never. Thanks Sue!
    George Nieves recently posted..Let Me Be Your Voice!My Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi George

      It is not a pleasant experience to be hacked that’s for sure.

      Hosting companies can often have a backup but best not to totally rely on that.

      Thanks for your comment George, I appreciate your input


  2. Sue,
    This is so important. I once accidentally deleted my entire site (last time i play with coding:) and thank heaven my VA had the site backed up.
    Thanks for sharing!
    warm wishes,
    Cindy Schulson recently posted..What You Really Need to Get New ClientsMy Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Cindy

      It is too easy to do something like that – I have done it too and it reduces you to tears!

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Bonnie Gean
    Twitter: BonnieGean

    Hi Sue,

    You just reminded me to back up my blog with WP Twin. :)

    It’s all done. I’ll have to remember to do this every weekend.

    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Is Your Business Suffering From Bad Advice?My Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Bonnie

      Yes WP Twin is excellent I believe although a lot more expensive than Backup Creator.


  4. Suzy
    Twitter: suzyq1810

    That’s scary – thanks for sharing. Just went along and backed up my site though it’s blogger and don’t know how good their back up tools are.
    Suzy recently posted..UBC Day 19 – Six Word Saturday – Blobbing outMy Profile

  5. Sue,
    Thanks for the reminder of the importance of backing up. It is a critical organizational and security detail.

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Donovan
      Thanks for your comment – it is too easy to believe that everything will be OK, until it isn’t!

  6. Jan
    Twitter: jankearney

    I back up every weekend, before and after any updates and more frequently when I am blogging regularly. You can never have too many backups!
    Jan recently posted..What Is The Ideal Length Of A Blog Post?My Profile

  7. Galina St George
    Twitter: GalinaStGeorge

    Hi Sue,

    I got quite scared reading your article, but this kind of “scared” is good, since it has put me on alert. The $7 paid for your site to be protected is nothing to days of turmoil and worry trying to restore it. Will go investigate and buy that plugin, and recommend your article to others. Hacking is such a real issue, and nobody who has a blog or a any other Worpress site is immune. Thank you for sharing this information!

    And – belatedly – Happy New Year, and may it bring many successes your way, because you truly deserve them. x

    Warm regards,

    Galina St George recently posted..New Year Resolutiuons – Do They Actually Work?My Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Galina

      Great to see you here again – and yes you are right $7 for peace of mind that you have your precious content safe and secure – nothing at all


  8. Ginny
    Twitter: _GinnyCarter

    Timely advice Sue. I’ve got a free WP backup plugin although what I would do with the files if I needed them I don’t know, but I get them weekly. But I don’t think it backs up the theme so that’s a good point.

    Another option is if your website host backs up the site?
    Ginny recently posted..How to improve your results by using Facebook’s different post typesMy Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Ginny

      Yes I used to do that too but free plugins don’t tend to do the whole job – and like you say it is not apparent what you would do with those files if something happened!

      Yes hosts may back up but I wouldn’t totally rely on them


  9. Jude Banks
    Twitter: JudeSBanks

    Sue, yes, backing up is essential. I know from my own experience! I too posted on this same topic the other week.

    I haven’t tried the Backup Creator. It looks good.

    I’ve been backing up manually through CPanel.

    If I understand correctly, the $7 version does not enable the ability to upload the backup file yourself with FTP, but what about directly via CPanel, do you know if that is possible?

    Helpful post, thanks!

    Jude Banks recently posted..Back Up WordPress, Part 2My Profile

    • socialsue
      Twitter: getsocialsue

      Hi Jude

      The $7 version does allow you to ftp Jude.
      Will visit your post too

      Thanks for reading and commenting – I appreciate your input


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