Why Is Facebook Advertising So Difficult?

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Advertising on Facebook is not easy.

As any of you might know if you’ve tried, it is very much trial and error and testing what works.  In the process it is possible to lose a lot of money and get little return, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Add to that the fact that Facebook are constantly changing the rules, it is very possible to get your ad account banned without even being aware that you are doing anything wrong!

So where should you start with Facebook advertising?

Because make no mistake, it can be very very beneficial.

For example we advertise using very specific processes, using a funnel of products, putting leads on an email list and marketing to them later, as well as giving a lot of value along the way.

Currently, we get an average of 30 new leads to our email database every day from Facebook ads.  Which is, of course, great in itself.

But do you want to know what is even better?

Yes Sue, I do!

OK, listen carefully and really think about this.  Do you want to know what we pay for these leads?

Yes Sue, I do!

Nothing at all!  Yes, you heard right nothing at all, not ONE penny.

But do you want to know what is even better than that?

Yes Sue, I do!

We actually make money as well – yes, we make a profit as soon as people enter into our sales funnels, and then over the following 7 days we make even more profit.

But putting that aside for a moment…

Fairly recently Facebook have (once again) changed their recommended best practices.

You probably know about the fact that you need a free offer on an opt in page, so that people can give you their email address.  Well, if you drive traffic through Facebook ads to this opt in page then Facebook are getting a little more selective about who you advertise to.

When the traffic is ‘warmer’ by having been introduced to some of your content, then they are OK with you sending them to an opt in page.

Now this is not a hard and fast ‘rule’ as such but it is definitely the way Facebook are heading, and it is in line with their wish that people provide content rather than sales pitches.

Over the next few posts I will share how you advertise the right content to the right people, and I will also share how we make a profit from our advertising and get new leads every single day, but meanwhile, if you haven’t got an ad account yet then head on over to

http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage and create your account.

While you are waiting for the next post in this series collect your free report and diagram about what I call my ‘Triple S System’.  Find out all about it here:

The Speedy Social Sales System

6 Steps To The Perfect Sales Funnel


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Sue Worthington

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  1. Hi Sue

    OK, well you’ve got me intrigued by the thought of not paying a penny for leads!

    I lost quite a bit of money on Google PPC ads which left me very cautious with Facebook ads, so – although I haven’t lost a lot of money on Facebook ads, neither have I MADE a lot.

    So I am looking forward to checking out what you have to say :-)

    Joy Healey recently posted..Helping Young Entrepreneurs Avoid Student Debt: Book ReviewMy Profile

  2. Wow not paying a penny for leads, I have always been taught you have to pay for leads.

    Can’t wait for the next post :)
    Tasleem Khan recently posted..The Brutal World of Affiliate Marketing and The Solution . .My Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Tasleem

      I know you do expect to pay for leads but our system is working beautifully for us right now.
      Thanks for stopping by


  3. Hi Sue,

    If Facebook are wanting people to provide content rather than sales pitches I’m wondering where they are going to stand on running contests. Any thoughts?
    David recently posted..Is Your Business Your Baby or Your Pet?My Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi David – thanks for stopping by.

      Not heard anything about contests recently although there have been some changes to rules on contests which a lot of people seem to be unaware of.
      You can tun contests on your page but – for example you shouldn’t ask for shares in return for a contest entry, which most people seem to still be doing


  4. Sue,

    Thanks for writing a post on Facebook advertising. It is a real mystery isn’t it? As someone new to Facebook ads and online marketing I appreciate any help, especially as they are a changing landscape. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

    It’s also nice to see your name pop up on my list of other blogs. Currently I’m just starting out on John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success. He has referred to you a few times and I’m delighted to connect with your blog. Thanks for being a resource for us newbies.

    Dan OByrn

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Dan,

      Yes keep an eye out for the upcoming posts in this series – I have lots of great things to share!

      Oh John and his Partnership program is wonderful, you’ve definitely started a fantastic course which will get you great results if you work hard.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Sue, I have yet to run any ads but the thought of not having to pay a single penny is definitely an attractive one. Shall look deeper when I am ready. Thank you for being an inspiration.
    Sandy recently posted..Lizard On A Fun MissionMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Yes, keep an eye out for the next couple of posts I will be writing – hopefully they should help.

      That is such a kind thing to say!


  6. Looking forward to the next post Sue – have tried it a couple of times but no real return for me – gets expensive FAST ! Would love to find out more about paying little – or nothing sounds more attractive!

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