Why Google+ Is The Place for Content Marketing

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Why Google+ Is The Place For Content Marketing

It’s easy for many people to dismiss Google+ as just another social media platform. There are already a host of others out there like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so for many Google+ seems somewhat redundant. But if you want to be a shrewd user of social media and exploit its power to the fullest, then you’re going to have to start engaging with Google+. You’ll soon see its exciting possibilities.

What is Google+ for?

For most social media platforms, it’s relatively straightforward to see where they can fit in terms of marketing:

Facebook – By far and away the most popular social network, it’s not the best for organic sales generation as its primary use is personal and social, but it is great for brand awareness thanks to its sheer volume of users.

Twitter – Twitter is a fast paced social media platform that is great for engaging with people interested in your niche, fellow industry professionals and influencers. Like Facebook, it is also good for brand awareness, but limited due to its 140 character limit.

Linkedin – THE social network for business professionals, Linkedin is purely business and features very little ‘personal’ engagement and posting. Linkedin can be useful to network and reach out to potential business partners and associates, but reaching out to users you don’t know can sometimes be frowned upon.

Google+ – So what about Google+? Well the great thing about Google+ is that it combines the best bits of all the other social networks. What underpins Google+ is content, and because it is full of useful and engaging posts, it makes it the number one place to market your product or service. People are so much more receptive on Google+! The way it is designed makes it so easy to network and connect with like minded individuals, as soon as you start using Google+ you’ll be glad you did.

Google+ lets you curate a targeted audience

With Google+, to be as effective as you can, you need to define your target audience. As Google+ is THE place for content marketing, then relevancy is key. Who do you want to reach? What sort of themes and topics will they be interested in? What are their demographics? The more focussed you can be at this stage the better.

Now you need to reach out and grow your targeted audience. Search for hashtags related to your industry and engage, engage, engage! Add people to your circles and you’ll often find that they will add you back. I use Circloscope to help with my circle management, which is very similar to Manage Flitter for Twitter. There’s a lot of hard work involved in curating a targeted audience, but in the long run it is worth it.

Zero in on that target audience

Perhaps THE most powerful feature of Google+, Circles allow you to categorize your followers. We’ve already said that Google+ lets you curate a targeted audience, and Google+ lets to focus this even more. When sharing your content, you can choose which Circles to share it with, which means you can give each kind of follower only content you know that will be relevant to them and will be interested in. If you have more than one product or service to promote, Circles are a great way of zeroing in on your target audience.

Action rather than reaction

Content marketing is all about relevancy and keeping up with the latest trends in your industry, and there’s no better way to do this than by using the ‘What’s Hot’ button. On the main Google+ dropdown menu, ‘What’s Hot’ lets you see what topics are trending and lets you search by hashtag. It’s really way of being proactive with your content marketing, rather than being reactive all the time. If you see a relevant topic trending, if you’ve got some content that is relevant to it, then get sharing and reaching out. We’ve already said that Google+ users are so much more receptive, and this is a great way of building relevant followers.


If you’re really passionate about content marketing then you will know that for to be at its most effective, then it has to be engaging, and what better way to engage with people than to talk to them directly? With Hangouts, you can chat directly with 10 people and have an unlimited amount of people watching live. This personal touch can mark out your content marketing as being hyper-relevant and you will soon begin to see the results.

Convinced? We’re not saying that Google+ is here to replace all other social media channels, they all have their unique place and use.  However, if you’re not using Google+ as part of your integrated content marketing campaign, then you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

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So, how about you? Why do you think Google+ is the place for content marketing?

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