Traffic Generation Strategy – Part 6 – Twitter

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Yes everyone is using Twitter!  But do you know how to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog?

First of all when you set up your account make sure you put on the url of your blog, and also pay great attention to your bio.  Use your keywords – do not forget that when people search on Twitter they will use keywords, so make sure your most relevant keywords appear in your bio.

You may also want tobrand your Twitter page by investing in a custom background, which you may wish to brand in line with your blog design.

I personally believe that having as many Twitterers as possible is not necessarily the best thing.  It is best to have fewer followers, but make sure they are targeted Twitter followers, and so will be interested in what you are tweeting about.

Driving Traffic from Twitter to your blog (and Vice Versa)

Use a plug in like Twitter tools so that you can automatically post a tweet to your account when you make a post on your blog. You can also post a weekly tweet digest to your blog.

Relationship marketing is all important – build a relationship with your readers – tweeting allows you to give your followers little glimpses of your life – you do not need to reveal too much.  However people will get to know, like and trust you and then are much more likely to become customers.

You do need to tweet regularly, and to build relationships with others, you can retweet their tweets, and others will do the same for you, thus ensuring greater exposure for your messages.

I find it is best not to be to overtly in sales mode on Twitter.  Try to give valu and point out events such as webinars or interesting free offers, rather than simply trying to sell on Twitter.

Twittering regularly really can help to explode your traffic used in the correct way.

For a great comprehensive guide on how to:-

  • Grow your Twitter following properly
  • How often to tweet
  • Dominate a niche market
  • How to brand yourself
  • Common mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • How to stamd out from the crowd
  • What tools to use

Check out this great value ebook here:-

I also have a great website which is still under construction but well worth a visit:-

So, yes Twitter is important BUT you must know how to use it properly!

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  1. Hello Sue,

    Thanks so much for the great post on how to get traffic from Twitter! I have been looking for this very information and was very so happy to see your article.

    I will be looking for more info from your site in the days ahead. Thanks again!

    Best Regards,

  2. Never really thought about using twitter to market my sites but as you explained it, it seems a viable source of traffic. I'll definitely look into it further. I was just wondering how to get a specific target followers.

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