The Power Of Google +1’s

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Are you using the power of Google’s +1’s?

The +1 feature is an innovation that Google created to share website content and recommendations.

The +1 streamlines content and search results and gives you the most relevant websites in search based on recommendations or +1’s from your contacts.

You can see how many people +1’d your content which can help you to see which content is most popular.

  • So on Google+ you can +1 a post or a comment within a thread.
  • You can +1 a post with a web link which will send a +1 to that website.
  • You can +1 directly from a piece of content anywhere on the web that has a +1 button.

You are endorsing something as worth reading by giving that +1, and saying to your contacts, hey, go and read this article.

To +1 something you need to have a Google account, then as long as the content has a +1 button you can promote and recommend it, by clicking that +1 button.

More plus 1’s can equal higher search rankings, because that content is marked as more relevant and worthy of a high ranking, the more people who click that +1 button.

When people use Google Search while logged in to their Google+ accounts, they get search results boosted just for them based on the plussing activity of people in their Google network.
Results will be placed higher than their “normal” rank in Google search for you, for people in your network who have plus one’d any relevant content you are searching for.

The more extensive your Google+ network the more influence you have on the search results of others.

So knowing that plus one’s have such a dramatic effect to promote your content, not only in Google+ but in Google search results what should you do to take advantage of this?

  • Build a large and influential network on Google plus.
  • Post consistently on Google Plus making you more visible and therefore attracting more followers.
  • Make sure that you have that all important +1 button highly visible on your content, and encourage readers to click it.
  • Post your blog post to Google+  anyone who actually +1’s the post from within Google+ adds to the +1 count on your blog.
  • Get more engagement by including images, make a call to action inviting plus one’s, and using original content.

Go get that plus one button – you can do this in a few different ways – by grabbing the code from  From there you can customise the button to complement the style of your website.

Alternatively if you use WordPress you can very quickly and easily install a WordPress plugin that installs the button for you.

Get more +1’s and you may well get a higher search ranking. This will be especially evident amongst your social connections.
If your connections have +1’d a page and you search for a topic relevant to that page then it will appear higher in your search results and vice versa with the content you +1 too.

Additionally all the content you +1 will be available on your Google+ profile. you will need to make sure your settings allow others to view your +1’s if you want them to do so.

Also anyone in your circles who +1 your content will have that content visible on their profile too, if their settings allow it.

So there are some great reasons for building a large number of connections on Google+
Those plus one’s on your content really do help get you found more in search.

Let me know in the comments below if you have discovered the power of Google+ yet.

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Sue Worthington

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  1. Bonnie Gean
    Twitter: BonnieGean

    I’ve been meaning to participate more and more on Google Plus, but with all the work I’ve been doing in the background (for my business), there doesn’t seem like quite enough time to schmooze on all the social media websites out there.

    I know this isn’t a good excuse, but it’s the only one I have. :)
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Your Invitation to Pick an Object ChallengeMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Bonnie – are you pleased that I am back in blogging land?

      You really cannot be everywhere – like I have said before the amount of content you produce I don’t think you sleep!
      So you are right to use the ones that are working for you
      You do have to try them all to see which works but then I firmly believe that you should be selective.

      Thank you for being the very first commenter on my brand new blog.


  2. Thanks so much for this post. I had no idea about all of this from +1. How can I find the WP plugin?
    Rochelle Gordon recently posted..Does The Nocebo Effect Change You?My Profile

  3. Sue Worthington says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    There are a lot of WordPress plugins but the one you can see on this blog on the left which floats down the page as if by magic is called Flare.
    You can get it here:-

    Hope that helps
    Have a great day

  4. Jan Kearney
    Twitter: jankearney

    I have a soft spot for G+ even if I don’t use it enough! The whole personalisation of Google results is both fascinating and annoying at the same time – and the +1’s seem to impact the personalisation immensely.
    Jan Kearney recently posted..7 Blogging Lessons From Your Christmas JumperMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Jan
      I really want to move more over to G+ too – but even us Goddesses cannot be everywhere!
      Facebook still has an enormous pull for me even though the reach is rubbish these days – it is still hard to leave.

      Thanks for stopping by

  5. Ginny Carter
    Twitter: _GinnyCarter

    Hi Sue
    Thanks for all your advice and info on Google+, I’ve seen it described as a ‘social layer’ as much as a social platform and with the +1 button I can see why. As you say, it’s hard to leave Facebook but it’s having it’s problems, so it’s good to get familiar with an alternative option.
    Ginny Carter recently posted..How to take charge of the tangles in your social marketingMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Ginny

      Yes it is so powerful isn’t it and I agree – I can see more people migrating to G+ for business
      But Facebook is hard to leave behind


  6. Great article Sue, I enjoyed reading it. I can’t get enough when it comes to Google+ right now.

    Last few months I’ve been using the service more and more. Can’t say it’s brought about big results, but I think I’m making a dent.

    Enjoyed the read :)

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Ron

      Thanks for your comment!
      Yes I believe more people will move over to Google+ possibly from Facebook during 2014

      I have only just begun my Google+ marketing seriously recently but am enjoying it

      Sue :)

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