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Do You Have A Plan For Social Media for 2015 – Part 1

Create Your Presence With Social Media (190 x 100)

How many of you think that Social Media is here to stay or are you part of the minority who still believes that this is just a passing fad?  If… Read More »

Why Your Blog is the Hub Of Your Social Marketing System

Why Your Blog Is The Hub Of Your Social Marketing System2 (190x100)

Is it still important to have a blog? Well, the obvious answer is Yes! In fact, having a blog should be the central part of your social marketing system. Facebook,… Read More »

How To Create Brilliant Blog Content

How To Create Brilliant Blog 190 x 100

You already know how important it is to have a blog for your business, and how you can generate income from it.  Without your own blog, you won’t be able to… Read More »

How To Generate Social Traffic To Your Blog

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog 190 x 100

So, you’re working your socks off to publish well-written articles or content to your blog, but it seems that no one reads or leave a comment on it. Frustrating, isn’t it?… Read More »

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

7 Ways To Over Come Writer's Block 190x100

I always blog on a Monday. Usually I am full of ideas and don’t have a problem in thinking of something to blog about. BUT it does happen sometimes. You… Read More »

7 Ways To Generate More Leads & Build Your Social Communities From Your Blog

7 Ways To Generate More Leads and Build Your Social Communities From Your Blog

If you are reading this then I guess you are blogging for your business. If not, then  you’re missing a very big part of your marketing strategy. Blogging is an… Read More »

7 Ways To Get More Comments On Your WordPress Blog

Get More Comments On Wordpress Blog

Getting more comments on your WordPress blog is very important for your readers to keep on visiting  your site and for you to determine if you have  engaging content or… Read More »

What Is A WordPress Plugin?


WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. With WordPress, you can choose various themes or templates to enhance the design of your website according to your preferences. WordPress has… Read More »

How To Put Widgets In Your Tumblr Blog


As part of my Blogging and Content Syndication strategy I recently set up a blog over on Tumblr. It was quite easy to set up and choose a theme. However… Read More »

The Get Blogging For Business Challenge – Day 3 of 10


In Day 3 of the Challenge we talk about the following:- Choosing a domain name Choosing a tagline Choosing the correct theme Choosing your categories Choosing your pages Choosing a… Read More »

The Get Blogging For Business Challenge – Day 2 of 10

day 2

In Day 2 of the ‘Get Blogging For Business’ Challenge I discuss the importance of choosing a niche for your blog, and why this could be either the easiest part… Read More »

First Thing To Learn After Starting A Blog


Author: Anil Gupta Many have always felt that blogging is a learning process and that there is a huge learning curve to it. So when a newbie first begins to… Read More »

4 Foundations For Successful Blogging


Preparation Think about the design of your site and how you want it to look, but remember you cannot please everyone’s tastes, but my biggest advice is to keep the… Read More »

30 Essential Blog Plugins

30 plugins

This blog is still new and I have just installed my ’30 Essential Blog Plugins’, and would like to share these with you. They are in no particular order of… Read More »