How I Got 10,000 Twitter Followers And How You Can Too!

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Over the past 6 months, I’ve increased my daily activity on Twitter, which has seen my followers more than double from just under 5K, all the way up to 10,000 active followers.

Great, it’s a fantastic milestone for sure, but I must say right at the beginning of this post that it’s NOT all about the numbers, more about that in just a minute…

Before I get onto HOW I achieved this milestone, I’m going to presume you’ve already got your Twitter account set up, if you haven’t, where have you been?  

Twitter has been with us now for almost a decade (wow, that makes me feel old!) and as of January 1st, 2015 it was recognised as the 2nd most popular Social networking site after Facebook with 310 Million monthly visitors.

So we can safely say it’s here to stay – I recommend you get tweeting immediately!

It’s Not All About The Numbers

As I said previously, it’s not all about the numbers.  Did I actively gain 10,000 followers just for the sake of feeling popular?  No way! 

Whilst having a large follower count can help to improve your brand and authority – gathering followers for the sake of seeing that large number is not my primary focus, and it shouldn’t be yours either. Imagine having 10,000 followers built up of:

  • Non-active users
  • Fake accounts
  • People not relevant to your niche

It’s pointless, and would offer ZERO benefit to your business.

We need active followers, super targeted to our niche.  Followers that re-tweet our tweets, and click our links, followers that we can convert to leads, and eventually, paying customers!

THAT’S the purpose of having a large Twitter following, so let me share with you exactly how I achieved 10,000 Twitter followers, and how YOU can too!

Your Daily Routine

Consistency is key, and I recommend a daily routine when it comes to your Twitter Marketing.

You need to be tweeting, following, unfollowing, re-tweeting, and engaging on a daily basis.

Now before you close this page in sheer horror, thinking, “how can I find the time to do all that?!”  bear in mind that I complete these tasks in about 30 minutes per day, or even 20 minutes if you’re super organised!

Probably the most time consuming task within my daily routine is knowing what to tweet, but my Social Media posting schedule is key to this.  This is basically a spreadsheet that tells me what to post, and when to post it!

Creating your posting schedule is something I teach within my latest training Social Fresh Start.  This allows me to create content for my tweets in advance, and schedule them daily via Hootsuite.

Once your tweets are scheduled to go out at various time points throughout the day, you can then allocate just 10 minutes per day to log in to Twitter, respond to your @Mentions, comment on other’s tweets for engagement, and re-tweet relevant tweets within your niche.

Follow & Unfollow Routine

Probably the most important part of building a large, targeted and active Twitter following is your daily follow/unfollow routine.  We need to be following active users, who interact, and likewise unfollow inactive users who show no interest in our tweets.

For this, I use a specific piece of software called Manage Flitter which offers a free and paid version.

The free version will allow you to follow and unfollow people, but has daily limits to restrict the number of people who you can follow and unfollow within a 24 hour time period.  This limit can be frustrating and hinder your follower growth.

First, let’s speak about following users using the free version.

Your first task is to find a Twitter user within your niche, and make a note of their @username.  This can be someone you follow closely, or perhaps an industry leader who you admire.  The reason for this is that their followers are likely to be interested in what YOU have to say also – so we need to target those people.

Enter your selected user name (e.g. @getsocialsue) into Manage Flitter to see a list of their followers.  Then you can follow individual users who you select from the list, or search for a specific user.  This has a 50 per day limit.

Quite simple and straight forward to do but I will tell you later just why this is not an efficient way to complete this task, which by following my system, you will carry out daily. manage flitter

Now lets move onto unfollowing with the free version of Manage Flitter – you can unfollow people who do not follow you back, up to a daily limit of 200.

It’s worth noting here that, you may only just have followed some users who may not yet have followed you back, especially if you are following people daily, so you can create a filter which will exclude people from this list who you have followed within the last few days.

In my case I set this to not include people who I have followed in the last 7 days.

I have chosen to give people a week to follow me back before I unfollow them.  Again this is quite simple and straight forward to do but I will tell you later just why this is also not an efficient way to complete this task. manage flitter

On the surface, it seems that you do not need a paid account at all, but the features of the paid account are SO important, if you want to grow a huge, targeted and worthwhile following on Twitter, and do it relatively quickly.

First your following routine.  

With the paid account you have access to the power mode which means you can follow as many people as you wish to, within the limits imposed by Twitter.  Manage Flitter will however give you a warning if you are following or unfollowing too many people at one time.

Also, by using the power mode you can create filters – this is so important for my follower growth, and means that my follow/unfollow routine is very effective, something that I couldn’t achieve with a free account, allow me to explain…

If you follow people randomly, then how do you know enough about that person?  For example, how often they tweet, when they last tweeted, how many followers they have, do they have a profile image and bio?  Yes, you can do this manually but it would take a long time and would mean you would have to go into each account individually to check your criteria.

With the power mode in Manage Flitter it does all this for you.

You can set up a filter based on the person whose followers you want to follow and then from there, set up your criteria filters.

Here are some of my criteria:

  manage flitter

I want people I follow to be active on Twitter, to have a profile image, to speak English and a few other selected options too.

This is massively important otherwise you will be following people who may not have tweeted for a long time and are therefore not seeing your tweets, or interacting with them.  You may be following people who do not have a profile image and are therefore not serious Twitter users, or they may speak a different language.

With a paid account you also get access to analytics, giving you a view of your current numbers, see who and when someone unfollows you, and analytics by keyword.  There is no facility in the free version to see any of your numbers.

The paid account in Manage Flitter therefore allows you to grow not only a large following, but a large following of the right type of tweeters.

It is an essential tool for serious Twitter users, and will very quickly get you to 10,000 too – you can create your Manage Flitter account here.

I really hope my journey to 10,000 Twitter followers has inspired you to build your following too – if so leave us a comment below, and let me know that you plan to start using these methods!  Any questions and I’d be happy to answer them!

I recommend you take a look at Manage Flitter, which will really help you to build that ultra-targeted, active following, starting today!

BUT if you still think this is all too much work, but know you’d benefit?  We’ve now started to offer this as a service!

Let us build your targeting following, and engage with your fans for you!  This is an affordable option for those of you who don’t have the time.

Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch, oh and stay tuned for further posts about what to do with those followers once you have them!

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  1. Hi Sue

    Your recent webinar inspired me to get more serious about my Twitter account, so I’ve taken the step of DELETING several old Twitter accounts I had that I wasn’t really working with anymore, but I just kept because they had a load of followers. And of course I hadn’t done the analysis that you describe above.

    The net effect of this was that I was so overwhelmed with messages etc from redundant accounts that I couldn’t get to grips with the account I do want to keep on top of. It’s actually quite liberating to know that soon my inbox will be less cluttered, freeing me up to work properly with my main account.

    I use a different paid Twitter tool that does a lot of these functions for me – if I discipline myself to get on with it. Haha. But with fewer accounts to work on there’s more chance of me doing it.

    However, I did look at ManageFlitter that you describe above and found it to be a really useful tool. On first “look” I did wonder why the need for a paid account, because there is so much functionality at the free level. Your post above explains why, and I agree with you it’s a great tool to start with free, and upgrade when you can.

    Have a great weekend. Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..James McAllister InterviewMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Joy,

      I’m so glad you could get some inspiration out of the recent webinar! LOL

      Yes, the free account is great to get started and used to Manage Flitter, and then like you say upgrade when you can.

      Thank you for stopping by, and keep us updated on your progress :-)

      Have a great weekend too! Sue

  2. love the blog post I will be implementing your steps taught in the post!!!
    Tasleem Khan recently posted..Something Internet Marketing Gurus will NEVER tell YouMy Profile

  3. Jan Kearney
    Twitter: jankearney

    Oddly, I was just on manageflitter for my infrequent clean-up! I don’t have a premium account and looking at it, perhaps I should… Thanks for the look inside Sue!

    P.s your pin it button on the left seems to not like me – pinned via my browser shortcut
    Jan Kearney recently posted..Amazing Keyword Discovery With Power Suggest ProMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      The premium account has lots of features, but the free account is great also.

      Oh thanks for letting me know about the Pinterest button Jan, I’ll look into it!

  4. Hi Sue, guess I am a ‘dinosaur’. Still have yet to lay my hands on Twitter. Will be picking up mpre steam this year. Thanks for the great tips and guides. They help a lot. To your Abundance, Sandy :)
    Sandy Tan recently posted..No, You Don’t Need to ImpressMy Profile

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for your comment – I guess you are a dinosaur in terms of Twitter lol.

      Good luck with your Twitter journey!


  5. Hi Sue,
    Your blog was a great read and really informative. I like your take on a qualitative approach on building active followers. There was some really great advice in their. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Thanks again James – yes quality over quantity. A large quantity or quality follows is good too LOL.

  6. Hi Sue,

    Love your blog and love your posts. Some great advice here for sure!

    I have in my diary that I will be joining your monthly mentor program this week as it looks fantastic, so I cannot wait to get started on that.

    I also just want to say that I am on a personal challenge to comment on all the blogs on P2S which I have a list of 155 and I want to complete this by 22nd of March 15, so remember that and please feel free to visit my blog and return the comment :-)

    Until later this week take care.


  7. Interesting but painful. Accepted that, Sue you are genius.

    How about connecting at

    Warm regards

  8. Sue

    Just found this post and it interests me as I have a Twitter account for my Florida holiday lets that I try and use to attract interest and I never know what to post and how often.

    But, that aside, thanks for the tip about Manage Filter as It looks as if that might help me to get more followers and of the right sort. Now just to work out what to tweet and when!

    Dave Thomas recently posted..Brexit – how will it affect us?My Profile

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