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Did you know that the Google search engine processes 1.4 million search requests per minute!

Have you ever wondered how a small business could appear in the list of Google’s local results.

The local results are the lists of businesses that appear at the top of Google search results with their location on a map. In order to list your business here, all you have to do is register your business at Google Local Business Center.

It is very easy to register, and you can include additional information like photos, videos,  business hours, testimonials and a link to your website.

Google’s local search results appear when a searcher combines a search item with a geographical place name, i.e., “Hairdressers Manchester.”

The results are sorted by their relevance, which is often heavily weighted by the result’s proximity to your own geographical location.

For some searches that do not include a geographical location, Google will display local results based on Google’s knowledge of your current location, based on how you access the Internet (ie your IP address).

Just search “hairdressers” and you will likely see a list of local results as well.

Google’s Local Business Centre has many advantages for small businesses – the main one being that Google Local Business Center is absolutely free, unlike the Yellow Pages, direct mail, or even Google’s own AdWords programme.

Google Local Business Center is one of the Internet’s  hidden treasures and the new way to search for local businesses.

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