Google+ And The Benefits It Has On SEO

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Google+ And The Benefits If content drives your marketing, then it is vital that the content you are publishing is found on the internet. You may already be doing this through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, but are you actively pursuing a strategy to rank better in Google? If not, why not? Take a look at these statistics from

  • Number of internet searches every day – 3.6 billion
  • Google’s market share of the search market – 65-70%
  • 75% of internet users NEVER scroll past the first page of results
  • Search drives more than 300% more traffic to content sites than social media.

If you’re not fully utilising search into your site’s marketing then you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic that you could be converting. There are many facets to successful SEO, but one of the major ranking factors that people are not aware is Google+. Because of Google’s total dominance of the search market, any successful SEO strategy has to be focussed on ranking well in Google, and that means optimising according to to what Google likes. And guess what? With Google+ being Google’s own social network, your website will get a lot of Google love and see a healthy boost in its search engine rankings if you utilise it correctly. Here are 4 ways that having an active and fully utilised Google+ account will benefit your SEO.

It’s great for getting links

In the past, SEO was fundamentally about link building. Because this was abused by a lot of webmasters, Google made several changes to its algorithm. Now, other factors such as content play a big role but links are still important, but only good quality and relevant links. This is where the power of Google+ comes in. Because you can curate focussed communities through the use of Google+’s Circles feature, it means you can share extremely relevant and focussed content to those followers. Consequently, this means that they are much more likely to link back to the content than your followers on Twitter or Facebook which will both be far less focussed communities.


As well as Google+’s Circles being a great way of getting links, it is generally regarded amongst most SEO professionals that Circles are themselves an SEO ranking signal. If you and your business’ profile is popular and lots of pertinent users are adding them to their Circles, then Google is going to take note, and your website will see a boost in its rankings for relevant keywords.


We’ve already seen how important links are in SEO, and how Google now likes relevant links from good quality sites. But do you know why Google sees links as important? It’s because a link is effectively an acknowledgement of a website’s authority and usefulness. If you’re writing an article or blog on your website and you want to share with readers an example of something or cite an authoritative reference, you’re not going to link to any old site are you? No, you’re going to link to a high quality authoritative site. Google therefore sees such links as votes of confidence and the site will receive a boost to its search engine ranking. So what about the Google+’s +1 button? Well, just like a link is a vote of confidence in a website, having a +1 button on the pages of your site enable users to show their like of your site. Each time somebody presses that +1 button, it’s a direct signal  that your site is ‘liked’. Google +1’s may not directly be used for ranking, according to Google, but indirectly +1’s may be useful. Since links are used for ranking, many people who +1 a content may well also link to it, as such generating more links for that content and invariably to the site, which invariably leads to higher ranking for the site. So despite the fact that Google’s official view is that +1’s are not used in ranking they are still a social signal as to the effectiveness of your content to your followers.


Because Google is always trying to make its search offering better and more relevant to users, it has turned its attention to them with much more personalised results. For example, if you are searching for (local town) plumbers, you’ll see on the first page a list of Google Local results showing plumbers in and around that town, along with their contact details. These haven’t got themselves on page one for that search term through a big investment in SEO. No, they’re there partly because they have registered their business with Google My Business, which is interlinked with the Google+ network. If you have business, service or product that is geographically based, having a Google+ account and registering with Google My Business is vital to seeing it on page one for relevant localised search terms. If you want to drive more traffic to your website and you’re not utilising the full power of Google+ then you are missing an important and valuable tactic. Start engaging with Google+ and you will begin to see the beneficial effects it has on your traffic.

How about in your part? What benefits can you get from Google+ for your business?

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  1. Great post! Very informative. I know I need to do more with Goggle Plus. I use Google Local a lot, as do my offline clients, but I always seem to neglect G+. This is a great reminder not to forget that!

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