Getting Better Visibility on Google: An Interview with Google’s Matt Cutts

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Matt Cutts gives his usual great advice – this time about getting better visibility on Google:-

  • Just think about what people will type in to find your site and use those keywords on your page.
  • “Title tags matter”, when people search on Google the title tag is what people see, and is the first impression of your website.
  • The description tag is a short summary of what your website is all about and is also often shown to users when they search on Google.  So
    if the title and meta description are in good shape, that is what people will find and they will know that your site is the one they are looking for.
  • Matt says that a blog is one of the best ways of participating in the conversation that is happening on the web all the time. A blog is great for any business and it does not have to be complicated.  You can talk about things like your weirdest customers, what made you decide to start a small business.  Do not forget that if something interests you then it probably interests others too.  People start to participate and get to know more about you and your business, and start to form a more positive perception.  Participating on other social media sites helps too.
  • Provide facts and tips about your business that others will be interested in – you will generate interest and gain natural back links.
  • Google crawls all  sites for free and frequently.  You don’t have to do anything special or pay Google anything.  Just make sure that Google can find your website as above.
  • You don’t rank higher on Google if you buy advertising.
  • Submitting a sitemap helps Google to find your site more easily.
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