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“Sue Worthington has done a masterful job with her new product, Social Media Spiders Web, of simplifying the intricate world of Social Media! There are so many facets to this complex subject, yet, Sue breaks the info down into manageable chunks, where even the greenest of beginners can comprehend it. You’ll be amazed at what’s waiting for you in her member’s area. The amount of game-changing info she has in there will utterly amaze you. With the expertise shown here, I would imagine this isn’t the last great product she will be releasing to the public! I urge you to jump on board and discover what a great instructor Sue really is” George Nieves


“I just received access to the members area and Oh…MY GOSH.

To say there’s a HUGE wealth of information laid out for your benefit…
it’s the understatement of the year.
Sue goes ‘WAY beyond over-delivery in this one, folks – you can bet I’ll be alerting my list to this goodie asap. Total no-brainer for the price – this should be sold at $47 at the very least. Massively impressed I am – 2 thumbs, a left elbow and 17 coffee cups UP” Barb Ling


“I gotta say Sue really did a fantastic job on this and has made it super simple to follow. I will be recommending this amazing job Sue!

You don’t just talk about it you walk the walk and use these same exact steps yourself. This is a great roadmap for getting social part of marketing up and ties everything together. It’s Fantastic! Thanks again Sue.”                                                                                                                  Holly Bond

“Hi Sue,
I have to say I am totally blown away by the high quality and depth of content you have in there for the price you’re asking.People who aren’t maximizing the incredible power of social media in their businesses by getting it all hooked up together as you so brilliantly explain are missing a big trick and this is the most comprehensive social media marketing tutorial I’ve seen. Good job!”                                                                                                                  Chris Shaw
“I am truly astonished at what you have achieved with the Spiders Web! I  have always known you as a Social Media expert, and your advice has been invaluable. I have always spoken highly about your tutorials on setting up a blog and connecting it to social media sites.I have always wondered how it can be possible to use all of these sites to one’s advantage without sacrificing one’s image with hasty posts lacking in skill and content. Your tutorials effortlessly show the way how it can be done, in a short space of time. Your easy-to-understand explanations and teaching style make it a joy to learn…….”                                                               Galina St George
                                                                                                                                                       “Wheh – this is exactly why I have avoided delving into social media in a big way.
So many things to keep in mind.But this is awesome – all the info in one spot laid out well with a plan and a way to automate.Kudos Sue!”
Valerie Duvall
                                                                                                                       “I will be recommending this to my subscribers. Sue does all of the hard work of showing you how you can make social media work for you, without spending hours on it.Lots of great tips and techniques I had never heard of, with step-by-step training that is very easy to implement and follow. Great training and road map for that all important social media component.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Amy Harrop
“This has got to be the most concise and meticulous course that I have laid my hands on regarding the complex way that the essential Web 2.0 social platforms link together to form the best exposure for your business. Sue is an expert that provides successful social media campaigns for small businesses. The course is broken down into easy to digest steps that make the seemingly complex ‘Web’ of interwoven communication between the platforms, when you do something like a blog update, really easy to understand.  Sue has a natural teaching voice and this course is a great way to learn how this essential medium works for the successful marketer these days.”                   Carl Picot
“What Sue has delivered here is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about social media and more importantly how to get the biggest benefits in the shortest amount of time. When I was reviewing the material I was first blown away by the way it’s delivered – through a top quality membership site and then by the product itself which is full of lots of brilliant little nuggets of info, much of which I’d never heard of before!
If you’re interested in implementing the full force of social media in your business then Social Media’s Spiders Web is the last, and only WSO that you’ll need.
Excellent job Sue, well done! “                      Noel Cunningham

“Sue what a fantastic membership site!  Social Media Spiders Web has all the training anyone would ever need to get on top of their game when it comes to social media. I’m a big believer in social media and believe anyone who uses the Internet to earn a living should learn this topic well…and what better a place to make that happen other than at Social Media Spiders Web.
If you’re looking to up your game in the social media front, then this is the site for you. You’ll get step by step training from one of the best – Sue Worthington.”                                                        Eamon Diamond

“I couldn’t resist. I am NOT a fan of social media and one of the big reasons is I don’t really understand it all that well. This looked too good to pass up.
And BOY and I glad I went and took a look around before commenting. First, it’s a much, much nicer quality “membership site” than most I’ve “joined” but more than that, I am so grateful for the transcripts for each (I presume?) video. You can’t imagine how much I hate videos. (Also like the recommendation for the video player — must explore that.)Nicely done. Thanks.”      Patricia (Chi-Whiz on the Warrior Forum)
“My honest opinion is wow, this is nothing short of amazing!  I’m pretty hard to impress and you will rarely see me describe anything in such a manner. I met Sue at an IM event in London last year and she is the first person I think of when I need a Social Media expert. She really knows her stuff.
I must admit that social media has not been part of my own marketing strategy because it always seemed to be too much effort. But this course has pretty much changed my mind.
Sue takes you right from the basics of why social media is important right up to showing how to automate it all so it doesn’t take over your life….”                                            Sally Lazarus

“This has opened my eyes to Social Media, I had no idea you could link them all together. It has made a huge difference to to my bloated and disorganised network and I have added some more to it.

A big thanks Sue, I am sure your are going to help loads of people get a grip on their Social networks, or should I say Web’s.”

Gordon Trimby

“Hi Sue!
I thought I was pretty good at Social Media…WOW!
YOU are amazing! You have stuff in your videos I’ve never even heard of!!
Yay for you!Thanks a ton for letting me check this out and I can’t wait to get all my accounts hooked up the right way! SpidersWeb is simply amazing.
P.S. You have such a nice voice and that makes the videos so easy to follow. All 7 gazillion of them!”                                                      Lisa Hernandez

“Thanks Sue, your getting some great feedback.

I do not have much content online but I need traffic to what I do have and google seems to love social activity, which I lack. For the price this seems to be a no brainer for someone like me who needs the knowledge.

Only one more question before buying, can I watch the video’s online?”
Julie Williamson

                                                                                                                 “Sue – simple – you have a great product. I have learned so much about Social Media, content and also how to lay out a neat looking Members’ Site. Would like to chat after your campaign”                                                                                                                                               Gareth Kentish

Absolutely AWESOME!!

Sue, You have most definitely over delivered on this offer – this is well worth $97 up.Thanks for such an incredible offer…gonna take a good while to go through the material and soak it in – This is THEE way forward with social media, no doubt about it!!                                                                                                                  Jae London

Hi Sue,
Said I wouldn’t buy else, just upgraded to EVS through John Thornhill ( who promoted your product and bought through his link) and Omar. Have set myself 10 days intensive filming editing  to finally get my ( free) membership site on magic online. So will delve into your training, and John’s and Omar’s( they had awesome bonuses).
Thanks for the heads up on optimize press.. Like the way it’s laid out. Thanks again, and like the cut of your jib… Very well laid out sales process.                                                         James Hessler



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