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                                                                                                                    “I’ve just completed Sue’s LinkedIn workshop and I can’t Lizz Riley recommend it highly enough. I’ve learned loads of new things, things I didn’t even know existed and it’s great for my business.  I’m sure I’ll have loads of questions about further things but I know Sue will have the answers. 10 out of 10!!”
Lizz Riley


“I recently did one of Sue’s LinkedIn courses and found Sue to be Debbie McIntosh extremely knowledgeable and an expert in all subjects of LinkedIn Social Media. She was very patient and understood my needs very well. She took me through step by step how to get the best for my business through LinkedIn. I would recommend Sue to all my colleagues and clients who want to see the opportunity to grow their business through Social Media. Thank you so much Sue I am now a true LINKER LOL”Debbie McIntosh


“Never In A Million Years Would I Have Achieved This Without Andrea Daubney Get Blogging For Business! 
Never in a million years could I have built the website your reading this blog on if I hadn’t met a special lady, so in this post I would like to tell you about this very special lady and her products, her name is Sue Worthington, originally I met Sue in cyber space of LinkedIn, where her business was social media… read the rest of this testimonial here                                                                                          Andrea Daubney


“Sue is a talented Social Media professional who imparts her vast Phyllis knowledge and experience in social media to those new to and baffled by blogs and tweets etc. Looking forward to attending Sue’s workshop sessions to learn more on how social media can improve your business.”

Phyllis Boardman Bsc Hons MCIH


“Bought the course. Easy to follow and implemented everything as Owen Cooper Sue shows you. Result, top of the local listings for my plumbing business for 2 keywords that I was targeting. Brought in over $1500 of business after one week at the top!

Owen Cooper – Referring to my ‘Local Search Ready’ product


“Susan is a highly creative social media specialist who Angela Kelly understands the vast possibilities that social media offers anyone in business and helps identify them for individual clients. She also runs workshops in a realistic and helpful manner for a wide range of IT capacity levels and is constantly updating her knowledge to pass on to others.”                                                                                                 Angela Kelly


“I have been following Sue for about a year now. We are both in Joseph Bushnell Social Media & she has been a great source of advice for me. I follow her FaceBook Fan page, Twitter feed & her Blog Sue Worthington very closely. On numerous occasions I have retweeted or shared her content with my Social Media lists because I knew they would find it incredibly valuable….to read the rest of this testimonial click this link   Joey Bushnell


“Susan has the ability to deliver social media training in a well Catharine Norris prepared and thoughtful way, tailored to the needs of an individual business. In a complex online world her work is time and cost efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Catharine Norris


“I have just attended Sue’s ‘Twitter Workshop’ and not only did I Lindy Griffiths learn lots of new ‘stuff’, but I had great fun doing it!”

Lindy Griffiths

“I would like to recommend Susan and WorthyWorld Marketing Michael Pilling for their Social Media Training and Support. Twitter and Blogging is the future for many businesses as there is a lot of opportunity to be gained through this media…”

Michael Pilling


I first met Sue on Facebook and have since had lots of advice and Diane Aronwich tips from her on how to get the best from social media. Sue’s expertise in this area has been invaluable to my business. I would have no hesitation in recommending her work.

Diane Aronwich


We hired Sue to update our LinkedIn profiles. Well, to start mine Danny Archer really! My business partner, Lizz Riley went and when she came back she was buzzing. Not only was her profile fully complete and looking very good if I do say so myself, but Lizz had the knowledge to pass onto me. Sue teaches in such a way that others learn very quickly and are able to pass the knowledge learnt throughout your company. Sue is definitely an expert in her field and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work. We’ll definitely use her other services again                                         Danny Archer


It has been wonderful working with Sue and in the short span I godavin have interacted with her she has a flair for social media and you are in trusted hands when it comes to driving traffic from social media. Would love to partner with her in my future business ventures.
Govindasamy Srinivasan


Peter Beddows I’ve now known Sue all of nearly 1 month since first connecting indirectly via Peter Garety’s Software Business Mechanics as I was exploring various YouTube postings. Have to admit that I am very impressed with her amazing level of productivity. I even signed up for her email list on Social Media Spider ( newsletters. Read the rest of this wonderful review here                     Peter Beddows


Sue, is what I call a ‘Gem’. She has helped me out so many times, I Pushpa have lost count. Thank you Sue

Pushpa Narayan


I originally got to know Sue as we were both on a online coaching carlsmall course together about 18 months ago. I also got to meet her in person at a seminar in London and we have kept in touch ever since. Sue is an awesome person to know and has been really helpful to me over the last months as I have been building my business. Sue has produced some fantastic products which in themselves have been a great part of my education, particularly with WordPress and Social Media. Read the rest here –  Carl Picot


I have known Sue for a relatively short time – about half a year, galin but feel that I met her years ago. I clicked with Sue immediately – both on a business and personal level, when we were part of the same coaching group. I noticed how professional her blog looked, and when I went on it, I found such a wealth of information that I could not believe my eyes. My first blog was built using Sue’s 10-day Business Challenge. The best program I have come across… read the rest here        Galina St George


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