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Why Is Facebook Advertising So Difficult?

fb ads small

Advertising on Facebook is not easy. As any of you might know if you’ve tried, it is very much trial and error and testing what works.  In the process it… Read More »

Do You Have A Plan For Social Media for 2015 – Part 1

Create Your Presence With Social Media (190 x 100)

How many of you think that Social Media is here to stay or are you part of the minority who still believes that this is just a passing fad?  If… Read More »

How To Strengthen Your Brand On Social Media


Are you looking for ways to improve your brand on Social Media? Do you feel you sometimes lack uniqueness when it comes to your Social presence? Your brand on Social… Read More »

How To Generate Social Traffic To Your Blog

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog 190 x 100

So, you’re working your socks off to publish well-written articles or content to your blog, but it seems that no one reads or leave a comment on it. Frustrating, isn’t it?… Read More »

5 Facebook Posting Styles To Rock Your Timeline and Get More Fans

5 Facebook Posting Styles

  Are your Facebook posts engaging? I mean, do you really have that killer quality content that will make your fans get engaged with your posts? Facebook are only too… Read More »

2 Recent Facebook Changes You Should Know About

2 Recent Facebook Changes You Should Know About

Facebook this week announced 2 important algorithm changes which impact the types of content that show up in your news feed. The first one is click- baiting But what does… Read More »

[VIDEO] How To Create A Custom Audience From Your LinkedIn Contacts

This video walks you through how to create a custom audience for your Facebook ads from your contacts on LinkedIn. For those of you who prefer to read here is… Read More »

[VIDEO] The Fan Page Money Method Review

The Fan Page Money Method Review This is a review of the Fan Page Money Method by Michael Cheney Go here to find out more… The Fan Page Money Method

[VIDEO] Social Ads, Social Proof

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Social Ads, Social Proof This video shows a simple trick for getting more likes on your Facebook ads. For those of you prefer to read here is the transcript:- In… Read More »

What’s Hot: The New “Save” Feature on Facebook


Have you heard the latest news? Facebook has just launched its new “Save” feature which allows you to store information for reading later when it is more convenient. You can… Read More »

Have You Got The New Facebook Business Page Timeline Yet?

new facebook timeline

Do you have the new Facebook Page layout yet? I got mine just a few days ago. If you do not have it yet don’t worry – you should have… Read More »

Why You Should Stick With Facebook


You have probably heard that Facebook has changed, and it’s true! Organic reach has declined, sometimes drastically, and you can no longer just keep posting randomly on your page, without… Read More »

[Review] Qilio – Facebook Marketing Software


For the past few months I have had the privilege of testing Qilio, a fabulous new Facebook Marketing Suite. There is so much to share with you about this amazing… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Winners Announced!

free blockbuster movie reviews

The Fan Page Challenge is over and the winners have been announced! In first place is Bernard Loo – here is his Fan Page In second place is Bradley… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 30

FPC Day 30

Congratulations! You made it! Well we did it! Wow I never thought it would happen – Day 30 of the Challenge is here. I want you all to really congratulate… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 29 Fan Page Competitions

FPC Day 29

Today Donna Hamer tells us all about Facebook competitions Here is a video that Donna has created for us all – thanks Donna. We also plan a webinar very soon… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 28 Notifications

FPC Day 28

Today discover how to manage your Facebook notifications On Facebook, notifications are messages, or updates, that inform you about the activities of your friends, applications, pages, and groups you subscribe… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 27 Google+ App

FPC Day 27

Today’s topic is The Google Plus app for your page Here is an article on the latest Google Plus layout from Rootzwiki The New Google Plus Layout – For Better… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 26 – Jan’s WordPress Widgets

FPC Day 26

Today Jan has been kind enough to do not one video but a whole series about the different methods to use to connect your WordPress blog to your Facebook and… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 25 Pinterest App

FPC Day 25

Today we discuss using Pinterest in conjunction with Facebook for business Installing the Pinterest app for Facebook really does add a great visual interest to your page. Pinterest now have… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 24 Tagging

FPC Day 24

Day 24 and I attempt to demystify the art of tagging on Facebook In today’s video I attempt to explain the concept of tagging on Facebook. I have gathered together… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 23 iFrame Apps

FPC Day 23

Today’s Challenge topic is all about getting your web content in Facebook In today’s video I demonstrate using PageModo’s iframe tab. However you can use the free Facebook static html… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 22 Video

PC Day 22

Today’s Challenge topic is video – how to use video on your Facebook page and some suggestions for how to get started creating your own videos In today’s video you… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 21 Post Scheduling

FPC Day 21

Today’s Challenge topic is post scheduling Today’s video outlines 2 ways of scheduling posts on Facebook.  As you are reading this I am on vacation in Florida – every single… Read More »

Fan Page Challenge Day 20 More About Images

FPC Day 20

Today I am very pleased and excited to share with you more fabulous information about images brought to you by my friend and FPC’er Bonnie Gean. I am really excited… Read More »