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How To Boost Your Sales By Utilising The Up-Sell, The Cross-Sell And The Down-Sell


If you want to be a successful internet marketer, it’s crucial that you understand the marketing process.  Ultimately your aim is to sell your product at a healthy profit, but… Read More »

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Squeeze Page

4 Questions To Ask Yoaurself When Creating Your Squeeze Page190x100

You’ve done the hard work and developed a great product. Now it’s just a case of getting people to opt-in to your offer. Here are four questions to ask yourself… Read More »

Why Is Facebook Advertising So Difficult?

fb ads small

Advertising on Facebook is not easy. As any of you might know if you’ve tried, it is very much trial and error and testing what works.  In the process it… Read More »

Google+ And The Benefits It Has On SEO

Google+ And The Benefits

If content drives your marketing, then it is vital that the content you are publishing is found on the internet. You may already be doing this through social media channels… Read More »

Why Google+ Is The Place for Content Marketing

Why Google+ Is The Place For Content Marketing190x100

It’s easy for many people to dismiss Google+ as just another social media platform. There are already a host of others out there like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so for… Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Be Utilising the Awesome Power of Google+


We all know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. But do you know what the second is? You might be surprised to find out that it… Read More »

Why Use Google+ For Business?

Today I have a video for you about using Google+ for business. This is the first in a series of 6 video tips on Google+, which we’ll be publishing over… Read More »

Is It Too Late To Plan For 2015?


OK so January has come to an end, and you did intend to plan your year during January but you didn’t quite get around to it? Have you missed the… Read More »

How I Got 10,000 Twitter Followers And How You Can Too!

small10,000 copy

Over the past 6 months, I’ve increased my daily activity on Twitter, which has seen my followers more than double from just under 5K, all the way up to 10,000… Read More »

Do You Have A Plan For Social Media for 2015 – Part 1

Create Your Presence With Social Media (190 x 100)

How many of you think that Social Media is here to stay or are you part of the minority who still believes that this is just a passing fad?  If… Read More »

Why Your Blog is the Hub Of Your Social Marketing System

Why Your Blog Is The Hub Of Your Social Marketing System2 (190x100)

Is it still important to have a blog? Well, the obvious answer is Yes! In fact, having a blog should be the central part of your social marketing system. Facebook,… Read More »

How To Create Brilliant Blog Content

How To Create Brilliant Blog 190 x 100

You already know how important it is to have a blog for your business, and how you can generate income from it.  Without your own blog, you won’t be able to… Read More »

How To Generate Social Traffic To Your Blog

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog 190 x 100

So, you’re working your socks off to publish well-written articles or content to your blog, but it seems that no one reads or leave a comment on it. Frustrating, isn’t it?… Read More »

Why Are You Using Social Media?

Why Are You Using Social Media For Business 190 x100

Yesterday, I spoke at a networking meeting for wedding professionals in Liverpool, here in the U.K. It’s really nice to get asked to speak at events and share what I’m… Read More »

How To Build A Brilliant Blog Community

How TO Build A Community Around Your Blog 190 x 100

Building a community is a very important and powerful asset in your business.  If you do not have a community, you’re not going to gain momentum on your blog or… Read More »

5 Facebook Posting Styles To Rock Your Timeline and Get More Fans

5 Facebook Posting Styles

  Are your Facebook posts engaging? I mean, do you really have that killer quality content that will make your fans get engaged with your posts? Facebook are only too… Read More »

2 Recent Facebook Changes You Should Know About

2 Recent Facebook Changes You Should Know About

Facebook this week announced 2 important algorithm changes which impact the types of content that show up in your news feed. The first one is click- baiting But what does… Read More »

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

7 Ways To Over Come Writer's Block 190x100

I always blog on a Monday. Usually I am full of ideas and don’t have a problem in thinking of something to blog about. BUT it does happen sometimes. You… Read More »

Product Launch Control (Our Story)

Hi everyone! I hope the video above inspires some of you looking to create / launch products into the marketplace.  Many people I speak to often think that creating the… Read More »

7 Ways To Generate More Leads & Build Your Social Communities From Your Blog

7 Ways To Generate More Leads and Build Your Social Communities From Your Blog

If you are reading this then I guess you are blogging for your business. If not, then  you’re missing a very big part of your marketing strategy. Blogging is an… Read More »

7 Steps to The Perfect LinkedIn Personal Profile

7 Steps To The Perfect Linkedin Profile

Social media is a way for people to build relationships and connections all over the world, both socially and for business of course. LinkedIn is a great example of a social… Read More »

[VIDEO] How To Create A Custom Audience From Your LinkedIn Contacts

This video walks you through how to create a custom audience for your Facebook ads from your contacts on LinkedIn. For those of you who prefer to read here is… Read More »

[VIDEO] The Fan Page Money Method Review

The Fan Page Money Method Review This is a review of the Fan Page Money Method by Michael Cheney Go here to find out more… The Fan Page Money Method

[VIDEO] Social Ads, Social Proof

fb ad

Social Ads, Social Proof This video shows a simple trick for getting more likes on your Facebook ads. For those of you prefer to read here is the transcript:- In… Read More »

What’s Hot: The New “Save” Feature on Facebook


Have you heard the latest news? Facebook has just launched its new “Save” feature which allows you to store information for reading later when it is more convenient. You can… Read More »