5 Facebook Posting Styles To Rock Your Timeline and Get More Fans

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5 Facebook Posting Styles1

Are your Facebook posts engaging?

I mean, do you really have that killer quality content that will make your fans get engaged with your posts?

Facebook are only too well aware that businesses are more than willing to pay for their posts to be seen hence the massive and increasing popularity of their ads platform.  So you can pay Facebook of course and get some super results, but you can also use some of my tips and techniques to improve your organic reach.

Now you will have heard the term engagement – you have got to engage your readers, you have got to be engaging, you have got to get engagement on your page.

What do you have to actually do to get that engagement?

Here are my 5 lists of what you should ‘be’ on Facebook for maximum engagement…

Be Authentic

Simply put, being authentic means staying true to who you are.

Authenticity works because…

It enables people to relate to your business, and elevates you above the competition. You will very quickly get a reputation as an authentic and trustworthy company, by the posts that you share, and being authentic encourages engagement.

But how do you demonstrate your authenticity? What types of post will evidence the authenticity of your brand?

Share the mission of your business, which in my case is to help enable small business owners to grow their business using social media. So my posts simply must demonstrate that fact.

I come from a place of giving, and I truly put helping before earning.

I want my audience to know who I am and my values. Get back to your roots and apply your core values and the beliefs at the heart of your business.

So remain true to yourself and your business, sharing your passions and your mission for your business.

Take the time to listen to your clients. Don’t over self-promote or force things on others, because that will definitely ultimately have a detrimental effect on your business.

Be Educational

Yes you should be lots of thing on Social Media but don’t forget that you want to showcase your expertise as well.

So educate your readers about the topic of your business. Share your blog posts, and educate as well as entertain.

I am doing a lot of training on Facebook and Facebook ads at the moment, and my blog posts reflect this.

Be Inspirational

People always love inspirational posts don’t they?

If you’re having a bad day these types of posts can really make you stop and think. However don’t overdo them to the point where they become cheesy and people get tired of them.

You can also be inspirational by your work online – demonstrate your giving and sharing and caring capabilities on Social Media and people will become inspired by you and your actions.

Be Funny

Humour evokes a natural physical reaction of smiling or laughing.

Feeling good also elicits reactions like sharing, commenting and liking. Which is the reason you will always get those reactions that you want from an amusing image.

Be Consistent

Consistent posting is important – people will start to know that you post on certain topics on certain days, and that you post every single day. Especially if you post something to encourage people to go to your page.

I highly recommend creating a posting schedule, which will make it easier to know what you need to post and when.

So, there you have it! Your 5 lists of tips to rock your timeline and get more fans.

Ooops!!! Did I say five?

Well, there aew actually fifteen (15) so you have even more tips to make your posts engaging.

Grab my FREE e-book  to discover 10 more engaging tips.

Grab it now! And start to get SOCIAL.

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So, what’s your best Facebook posting style to get more engagement?

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Sue Worthington

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  1. Brian Oliver
    Twitter: brianoliveruk

    Hi Sue,
    I enjoyed this read, and I can honestly say that you have all of the 5 traits that you mention.
    You are certainly educational, funny, inspirational and consistent.
    The way you apply your self is amazing.
    I have been on the right side of your generous nature, and it comes across in your posts.
    However your authenticity stands out above and beyond for me.

    Brian Oliver recently posted..20 Ways To Get More Blog CommentsMy Profile

  2. Hi Sue

    Great tips there, thanks.

    Like Brian I have been grateful for your advice and training for many months now and value the WYSIWYG Sue :-)

    Just aiming to settle down into my own style and consistency soon.

    I’m looking forward to more of your Facebook ads training.

    Joy Healey recently posted..Scottish Independence Referendum and BloggingMy Profile

  3. Hi Susan,

    Another killer, and informative, post. Thank you.

    I’m certainly authentic with my posts, but I figured that was because I’m too dumb for anything else. Just blind luck.

    I plan to work on the other tips, though…
    Stay casual,
    Edward Thorpe
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..Heart Healthy Cooking HabitsMy Profile

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