4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Squeeze Page

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Your Squeeze Page.

You’ve done the hard work and developed a great product. Now it’s just a case of getting people to opt-in to your offer. Here are four questions to ask yourself when developing your squeeze page that will help you fine-tune it and improve your opt-in rates.

Are you being a little too obvious?

We all know the value of building an email list, but are you harvesting email addresses as effectively as you can? People download PDF files and view videos online all the time without needing to be sent a link by email first, which is a method that is very popular with internet marketers. Now there is nothing wrong with this method, but it is pretty obvious that you are harvesting their email address, and in some circumstances some people will be put off by this.

Sometimes it pays to think about what you are doing and make what you are offering match the medium that you are offering it on. What does this mean? Well, it means repackaging what you are offering in a way that the customer will find much more justifiable. Why not offer the content of your PDF or video in the format of a video or email course to be delivered by email on a regular basis? This way, the giving of the email address is completely justifiable and the customer will like it more because they may not want to watch a long video or read a lengthy PDF. Offering it in small, bite size chunks is much more appealing.

Are you giving away too much?

With the explosion of content marketing, there has been a trend to give away more and more content in an effort to build customer value. This means that many marketers are giving away lots and lots at the opt-in stage, in the belief that the more you give the customer, the more value they will perceive they are getting. This may be true for some people, but for most, you risk overloading them with information. Faced with a mountain of videos and content to read, many people will feel overwhelmed and simply go away.

What to do then? Simply offer less and emphasise how easy to digest what you are offering is and how easy it is to put into practice. Simply throwing everything you know at your customers is infinitely inferior to giving them EXACTLY what they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you need more than an a name and an email address?

So many marketers when they place an opt-in form on their website have several details that they are requesting. Email address, first name, surname, telephone number and occupation being just some of them. But do you really need all these details? You don’t, and your prospect knows it.

Essentially, all you need is an email address, and that is all that you need if you want to strip it back to be as efficient as possible. However, you may choose to ask for a name as well, as many marketers like the way this can help personalise their emails to their prospect. It all depends on what your product is, but if you are asking for more than an email and a name, you can expect to send lots of visitors away from your website without opting in.

Pop-up or splash page?

Yes, pop-ups do work and I mean the type that load over the existing site content. But the fact is they are generally disliked by the vast majority of people, and they can affect not just their opinion of your product, but you as a brand.

However you have to think about maybe having the pop up appear at just certain times, and with most softwares you do have this option. I believe a pop up works well if it appears at the end of a blog post – after all if someone has read right to the end of your content it appears that they are interested in you, so would not be as bothered by a pop up.

Another good way to be less annoying with pop ups is to have an exit intent pop up. When someone goes to leave your site you could have a pop up that appears offering a coupon code or special deal, making the reader think twice.

Additionally you can usually set the pop up to only appear every few visits – this means that you do not risk annoying your regular visitors and they would not see the pop up on every visit.

Alternatively, have you considered a splash page? This avoids the negativity of the pop-up but still gives you the opportunity to capture your prospect’s email address when they first arrive on your site. Together with a ‘No thanks, take me to your main site’ button, you’re making things nice, easy and transparent for them. Your splash page should only appear before your homepage, because using one if a prospect clicks on a link or article will just serve to alienate them.

These are just some of the ways to optimise your opt-in rates. If you’d like further help, we’d love to hear from you, or if you have any ideas of your own, it would be fantastic to hear them.

Till next time…

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  1. Great questions to ask Sue. Especially the one about giving away too much… it’s a delicate balance between adding value and doing too much.

    This is why it’s so important to really know your customers and think about what would they like? What will they be so keen to get their mitts on that they won’t mind giving you their email address?

    I have to admit I opt in less and less these days…
    Una Doyle recently posted..Who Do You Think You Are? (VIDEO)My Profile

  2. Hi Sue. I’ve noticed the tendency towards content overload recently and plead guilty to running away after a few minutes. :)

    Perhaps content marketers in their effort to add value forget about the attention spans of readers and visitors. Time to revisit the strategy board, I guess.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Great post with savvy questions we should ask when we are setting up email list building campaigns and squeeze pages.

    Matching media to the medium is so obvious that I gave it little thought in my current list gathering plan. Thanks for that. I’m now planning to test 3 different media’s (2 at a time) and gauge the results.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..Senior Citizens Dig Their Sex LivesMy Profile

  4. Hi Sue

    Thanks for an interesting post.

    I’ve always agreed with you on the last two points.

    The first two have given me something very interesting to think about.


    Joy Healey recently posted..Protect Your Blog From HackersMy Profile

  5. Jan Kearney
    Twitter: jankearney

    All great questions Sue. I know I should change up my optins a bit more and maybe do a mini course rather all in one hit. And don’t mention pop-ups… I know, I know – but they drive me crazy!
    Jan Kearney recently posted..How To Block People On Your Facebook Business Page [Video]My Profile

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